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Android provides the clipboard framework for copying and pasting different types of data. The data could be text, images, binary stream data or other complex data types.

Android provides the library of ClipboardManager and ClipData and ClipData.item to use the copying and pasting framework.In order to use clipboard framework, you need to put data into clip object, and then put that object into system wide clipboard.

In order to use clipboard , you need to instantiate an object of ClipboardManager by calling the getSystemService() method. Its syntax is given below −

ClipboardManager myClipboard;
myClipboard = (ClipboardManager)getSystemService(CLIPBOARD_SERVICE);

Copying data

The next thing you need to do is to instantiate the ClipData object by calling the respective type of data method of the ClipData class. In case of text data , the newPlainText method will be called. After that you have to set that data as the clip of the Clipboard Manager object.Its syntax is given below −

ClipData myClip;
String text = "hello world";
myClip = ClipData.newPlainText("text", text);

The ClipData object can take these three form and following functions are used to create those forms.

Pasting data

In order to paste the data, we will first get the clip by calling the getPrimaryClip() method. And from that click we will get the item in ClipData.Item object. And from the object we will get the data. Its syntax is given below −

ClipData abc = myClipboard.getPrimaryClip();
ClipData.Item item = abc.getItemAt(0);
String text = item.getText().toString();

Apart from the these methods , there are other methods provided by the ClipboardManager class for managing clipboard framework. These methods are listed below −

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초간단 ClipboardManager와 ClipData 구현 예시

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