Swift: Firebase 3 – How to Implement Image Zoom (Ep 19)

my review point is 9/10

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=2m15s   add tap gesture recognizer ( userInteractionEnabled , addGestureRecognizer )

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=10m26s   superview의 frame 좌표, 크기 

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=11m58s   getting present window ( UIApplication.sharedApplication().keyWindow )

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=13m50s   image 확대 animation

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=18m34s   making backdrop and fading in animation

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=21m5s   image fade out animation

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=27m25s   remove ui view from super view ( removeFromSuperview )

https://youtu.be/fo3nSRBWfRA?t=28m7s   초기 반응 속도가 빠른 animation ( usingSpringWithDamping )

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